Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Little Summer Fun

Vancouver has been HOT! I hate complaining about the weather. I love Summer - I am a Summer baby, and love the sun. But I really despise heat.

For example; our house did not cool down over night. My Aden & Anais Serenity star was red all night - never once turning back to white. We had three fans going. One is Jimbo's room, one is our room and one in the living room. All the windows were open and it was still warm and muggy.

I closed up shop early this morning. I was trying to keep what little cool air I had in the home in the house. By 11:00 is was down right nasty in the house. I actually went out and bought new fans!

I wanted to go out today and get the boys a small kiddie pool, as well as some water toys. I thought that would be simple right?? While I was at it, I would also pick up some fans for the house. We are borrowing a couple from Chris' parents. I called my sister and asked if she wanted to go with me (well that and I needed a ride) Of course she agreed and headed on over.

James got spoiled with doughnuts first thing in the morning, and was ecstatic to see his Aunt and Uncle. My sister and I headed out to our local WalMart.

First off we hit up the Dollar Tree and found some awesome water pistol toys for James. My Mom had bought some for him at her house and they were a big hit so I picked up two. One for James and one for my other big boy...Chris.

As you can see, both of them had fun playing with these. Even I did.

So after the Dollar Tree stop we headed into Wal-Mart. I knew where they kept the pools. So when I walked in and saw empty shelves, my heart sank. We walked around a bit to see if maybe there were some hiding, but in the end they had NOTHING! All sold out. BUMMER!

I suggested we check out Target. Knowing damn well that they were probably sold out as well, but I knew I could get my fans there. Plus, I like Target. So off we went.

I found my fans and picked up two. There were only four left so I thought I may as well get a couple. (PS we now have 5 fans running!) We then went and checked out the pool section. NOTHING! There was NOTHING!!

I was so upset. They had a slip and slide thing, but that wasn't what I wanted. I decided to just get the fans, call it quits and go home.

I am SO thankful for my sister. As we were paying, she asked the cashier if she knew where we could find a kiddie pool. "Oh PetSmart has some for dogs. They are $9.99" We both looked at each other and thought the same thing. "Good enough! Thank you"  I paid up and as I was waiting for my transaction to go through the cashier said that there was a pool at customer service. But she wasn't sure if it was a defective return or if it was being held. We had to wait a bit to find out.

I said to my sister I wanted to go - but we waited it out and guess what!?

Here it is - the LAST inflatable pool at Target!!

I was ecstatic to find it! I quickly said I would take it - bought it and headed home. Fans and pool in tow.

James was stoked for pool time - My sister blew that bad boy up and we got everything ready. Sadly the boys had to wait till later. It was lunch time and then nap time.

We decided to do a family BBQ tonight. We had burgs, dogs, corn on the cob and a wide selection of salads. James got to use his pool and his water pistols. Graham got to crawl around for a bit and then needed to go into his playpen. He kept eating the grass and dirt.

James chowed down THREE - yes three Hot dogs and Graham devoured his chicken and avocado. So I decided to let him try corn on the cob. He loved it. I mean really LOVED it. I served berry shortcake for dessert and then headed off to get Graham to bed, Little man had a big day and was very tired. James was reluctant to go to bed - but is now soundly sleeping.

Today was a great day. There is something about sunshine - it makes everyone happy! I hope tomorrow we can go and splash in the pool again. Maybe we can go to the beach too!!

Happy Tuesday!

Much Love

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