Monday, July 22, 2013


So this will be my last post on Blogger!
We have moved to Wordpress and you can now find The Great Mum Adventure over at the new site.
Come on over!

Much love

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Friday, July 19, 2013

A New Bedtime Routine

Since James was little, Chris and I always put him to bed together.

When we has a baby -and I mean in infant nursing mode - I would nurse him to sleep - sometimes it took two hours for him to fall asleep. I happily sat in his room with him - snuggling, cuddling and admiring.

After he would fall asleep, I would carefully swaddle him and put him into his bassinet. Chris and I slept in the same room with James - in a single - yes you read that right...a SINGLE bed for the first four months of his life. After that, he was moved into his crib and we went back to our Queen size.

Much didn't change with his bedtime routine. He would get a bath from Daddy, and then I would take him to his room, nurse him, swaddle him and again - C A R E F U L L Y out him into his crib. He was sleeping through the night by 6 weeks. He was an angel when it came to naps and bedtime.

I can remember when he somewhat stopped nursing before bed. He would nurse for about 15 minutes and then would be ready for bed. I would encourage more nursing but he refused. He really didn't know how to soothe himself - so Chris and I would both hug him tight, give him kisses and put him down together. We would pat him on the bum and then leave. The first night was rough, but the next night - he just fell asleep. It was magic!

There were nights where he wouldn't let me leave. I would do everything I could to settle him. Bed share (which he HATED), sing his song to him... Smile by Charlie Chaplin. Here is my favorite version. Sometimes I would give up and lay down right beside the crib on the ground.

I can remember when he was like two - we would all be standing in his room - I would hug him, then Chris. I would give him a  kiss, then Chris would and then he would pull our faces together and make us kiss. It was so cute. He stopped doing that - then one night a few months back he did it. I burst into tears - it was a fond memory that came rushing back. Back from a time when my not so little toddler was a baby.

Recently, he's been wanting me to put him to bed. Chris still does bath time with both the boys - I take Graham after - nurse him to sleep and Chris puts him to bed - then I go in and cuddle with James. He always asks "Mum, can I just cuddle your bum?" It's slightly odd, but it's cute. He doesn't actually 'cuddle' my bum. He just lays there next to me. He asks me to sing to him..."Twinkle Star" and we sing it together. Then he asks for me to sing Smile. After that he gives me goodnight kisses and a hugs and falls asleep.

Little moments like those are the ones I want to hold on to. Tightly. I will never get these times back and I want to remember them as clearly as possible.

Do you a have bedtime routine with your little one(s)?

Much love

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

My 26th Birthday and James is 3.5 Years Old

Ok, where has the year gone?? So let's see... where were we this time last year.... Oh right!

I was six months pregnant with Graham and Jimbo was in his terrible two phase. My how life has changed since last year!

Today I turn another year older - I am twenty six years young... I'm not a big 'Hey, let's celebrate me' kinda gal. To be honest - I don't like celebrating. I don't know why... maybe its because I'm a Mum now? I don't know. But I do know that we are going out for dinner tonight.

Where you ask?? Well, its the same place we went to last year. The Keg!

I did originally have a downtown dinner planned, but I decided I wanted to stay closer to home. Plus, I really want scallops and steak...and the places we were thinking of going don't have that.

Enough about me... Jimbo is 3.5 years old today! That means in six short months he will be... oh gosh... ok.. four. He will be four!

A lot has changed for James in the past year.

He learned to use the potty... and I can say that he is fully trained now. We still have the odd accident, but he goes all by himself, and makes sure EVERYONE knows it!

He started school in March and will continue in September as well. He loves school. It has done so much good for him. His vocabulary has rocketed, his sentence forming abilities are amazing and he can remember information better. Preschool was the best thing for him.

He knows his ABC's, and is learning to spell. He knows songs and can count and he's just getting so darn big and smart! We have been working on pronouncing certain letters and he is catching on... really fast.

James was having issues with pronouncing the letters C, G and L. He would say 'tootie' rather than cookie, and 'Drama' or 'Draham' rather than Grandma and Graham. We are working hard on the letter L. He pronounces it like a 'y' sound. So love is 'yuve' - he's getting it. He really has to think about it, but he's getting there.

I think the biggest life change for James was the birth of Graham and becoming a big brother. He fell into that role with so much grace. He truly loves his brother with his whole heart. He teaches him things and shows him the ropes. He loves to show Graham how to play cars and sneaks him cookies when I am not looking.

I am so very lucky to have this little boy in my life.

So much has happened in the year - life really is passing by so fast. I blink and BAM a month is gone. Graham will be nine months old this month, we close on our new home in seven days - I mean my goodness - before I know it I will be writing my "Dirty Thirty" post... ACK!

I need to remember to slow down and enjoy the little things - take the time to live!

Happy Birthday to me - and Happy half Birthday to my stubborn, loving, confident little man.

Love you lots bud.


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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's Happening!

Yay! Today I got confirmation that the transfer over to Wordpress is in progress!

I won't post too much today as I don't really know what has to be done - this is all new to me so when everything is complete - bare with me. I will get it. I promise.

After almost three years of using Blogger, I'm sort of sad to say good-bye. But I am SO stoked to actually own my blog. It's mine....all mine!!

I will be sure to post a link (if that's even what I have to do) when the time comes. For now, I will continue on with regular postings.

Much love

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday No Fun Day

This Monday was frick right off. Seriously.

I want to finish with the sale of our house, pay these damn people and be done with it. I am sick to death of dealing with people who are not doing their job - that sounds so mean - and it is - but I am stressed to the max and need SOMETHING to go smoothly.

Am I excited?? Sure - in ten days we will own our own home. No more renting - but I still have ten days to pack up my house, pull LARGE sums of money out of accounts and give people a whack load of moola... something I HATE doing.

I just want to be moved and to be done with it. I want to go to my happy place and lounge by the beach and soak in the sun. I want to forgot all the stress and enjoy life.

Happy freakin' Monday - sorry for the rant. Love you guys tons....

Much Love

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Packing Up

When we moved the last time - it was easy peasy. James would sit and play quietly with his toys, we would listen to music and I could pack up during the day. When it came time to move - it went so smoothly - Chris and I thought we were in the twilight zone!

That is NOT the case now. HOLY CRAP! Things are so much more difficult.

Firstly, James will not sit and play with toys - the TV needs to be on (if I turn it off, he turns it back on and then there is a fight) I am sick to death of Kick Buttowski and Tree House. He runs around like a mad man - and I know it's because it's SO gorgeous out - but I cannot go out. I need to pack.

Secondly - Graham is ALL over the place. I have tried keeping them with me while packing boxes, but it gets hard when you have a mountain of shit everywhere!! Not to mention that everything goes into Grahams mouth - we found him sucking on a piece of chalk. GROSS! it's difficult to watch them and pack...

Chris and I agreed that this weekend we would go on a packing spree. Saturday we got up and before we knew it the morning got away from us. We had lunch and then it was nap time for the boys. BOTH of us fell asleep with the boys. We woke up and it was time to go and get groceries. After that it was dinner time so Saturday was a complete write off.

This morning I was adamant that we pack SOMETHING! I made breakfast and off we went to pack. We got Jimbo's room done, as well as the toys that they are not playing with. We did keep some things out for them, but the majority of toys are packed. The linen closet is done as is most of the bathroom. The other closet that we have is getting there. My plan is to work on the kitchen tomorrow and during the week.

We now have boxes everywhere. I HATE having a disorganized house, but this is how we will have to live till next week!

Wish us luck!!

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Learning to Write

Since James is not attending Preschool during the Summer months, I thought it would be a great idea to continue with his reading and writing.

While he was in school, he would bring home work sheets that he did. They were the Alphabet worksheets, you know - the ones where you were asked to trace the letter, then continue on with writing them out... anyways I got a whole whack of them. Each and every one were just doodles - no tracing but there was some great art work.

While at the dollar store one day I found a book similar to the worksheets James was bringing home and I bought it for him. Like I said, I thought it would be good to continue on with writing and reading while he was out of school for the Summer.

Today I decided was a great day to start. I was nervous he would get mad and frustrated with it - but he was ALL OVER IT! I let him choose a colored marker and off he went.

He went through about eight pages and was loving each minute of it.

I am so beyond proud of him. I am hoping to continue on with this throughout the Summer, and we will continue when he starts school again in September. My hope is that he learns to write his own name when he starts school again.

Much love

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Teething Sucks!

Graham cut teeth four months earlier than James did. I can remember when James cut his first tooth. He was MISERABLE! But I was so excited that he finally had a tooth. He was eight months old  nine months old, and looked so cute with his one tooth.

Then another one came in, then another one - and my poor guy was in pain. I used Hylands teething tablets, and those Camilla Drops, but soon stopped using them due to the Belladonna in them. I did have an Amber Necklace for him that he started to wear around 6 months of age, but I didn't keep it on him all the time. After his first tooth, that sucker stayed on day and night.

After that, I never knew when James cut a new tooth. He was so content and happy - the Amber was doing it's job.

Well...that's not the case for Graham.

Graham cut his first two teeth February 18 of this year. During that week, he was in so much pain. He was angry, upset and just down right miserable. He was wearing his necklace - but it wasn't helping. I hate giving Tylenol, but that's what it came down to. I refuse to give him tablets or use the teething gel.

Then he cut his top teeth, and again, it was a week worth of tears, no sleep and pain. I hate seeing my babies in pain. His gums were swollen, and he was chewing on EVERYTHING! Bedtime was horrible. He just couldn't settle down, and would wake every hour to comfort nurse. I didn't mind the comfort nursing - it helped soothe him, but what I didn't like was the fact he would fall asleep and then an hour later would be up screaming his face off.

I do not function well off of little to no sleep.

Graham has been showing signs of more teeth coming in for a few months now - but in the last week, he's been in teething mode. Drool everywhere - chewing on anything and everything. I looked in his mouth and from what I can see - there are six...yes you read that right - SIX new teeth on their way in.

Four on the top - lateral and canine and his lateral incisors on the bottom. This makes for a VERY VERY cranky baby. During the day he seems fine. Happy to go about his day crawling and chasing after James. Nap time comes around and he nurses the whole time... he has his toys that he chews on and he gets frozen treats (pears, peaches and sweet potato) but as soon as bed time rolls around... shit hits the fan.

We give him his bath, cuddle for a bit and then I take over to nurse him to sleep. The last three nights I have been giving him a dose of Tylenol because I can see that his gums are hurting him. I don't know what else to give him (*I have purchased some teething oil - I am hoping this works*)

Last night was better than the last two. He nursed to sleep and slept a good 4 hours - then the Tylenol wears off and he's up hurting. In to bed he comes with me and I nurse him... he falls asleep, but wakes very easily. This goes on about every hour. Wakes up, comfort nurses, falls asleep and then repeat.

The worst was two days ago. Went to bed fine, woke up four hours later and then up EVERY SINGLE HOUR. By 3:00 am he was so awake it took me two hours to get him back to sleep. I was crying, he was crying - we were both a mess.

Graham is not the best sleeper. I know he needs more, but he's so busy that, its like he doesn't have time to sleep. He just wants to be up and about with James.

I am hoping that these darn teeth come in quick. I hate seeing him upset and we BOTH need sleep... badly!

Tell me... how did your young ones handle teething? Any tips you would like to share? Comment below.

Much love

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Timbutt2oos Hybrid Fitted {Review}

Awhile back I was the VERY lucky winner of a Timbutt2oo's Hybrid Fitted diaper. I was VERY excited to win this diaper. Chris, just laughed at me.

I decided I would do a review and feature Timbutt2oo's on The Great Mum Adventure.

I won a Timbutt2oos Hybrid fitted and a matching key chain!! The outer fabric is a Rainbow knit with a yellow cotton velour inner. I has a three layer bamboo and cv topped soaker, bamboo doubler, and Sherpa "wet zone" round soaker.

This is one of my favorite fitted diapers.

First impressions:

The quality is amazing! I could tell a lot of love was put into the making of this diaper. It was so soft and squishy and I knew it was going to become a favorite of mine.

I decided I would try the diaper out during the day without a cover, and without any of the doubler's. It held up quite well - Graham went about 2 hours in it (cover less) before it soaked through.

I have to say, the fit is awesome. I don't have to use the FDR (Fold down rise) with Graham as he is quite long for his age. But I do have that option. Graham is still on the smallest waist setting, and has a lot of room to grow with this diaper.

The next test was nap time. I am SO scared of doing a fitted with no cover for nap time, but I decided I would give it a shot. I added just the single bamboo doubler that it came with and hoped that he was dry when we woke up. So fast forward 2.5 hours - we had some leakage, but not a whole lot. This diaper did hold up well, but I think I could get away with no cover if I added  the extra Sherpa doubler.

Over night with a cover (Thristies or Fleece) and this bad boy is bullet proof. It's actually one of my favorite nighttime diapers.

After a lot of washes my Timbutt2oos still looks brand new. It's still soft and squishy. It has held up very well in the wash.

I would love to add a few more of these bad boys to our stash. I think I will have to sell some others in order for Chris to be OK with that, but I don't mind! They are so versatile - it's a great addition to any stash.

Timbutt2oo's has a great selection of prints and solids - they rang from $20.00 - $36.00+ which is pretty standard for an awesome WAHM diaper.

Connect with Timbutt2oo's
Mary also makes Pocket diapers, covers as well as AI2! Here are some of her other creations!

Thank you for the great giveaway Timbutt2oo's and for introducing me to Hybrid Fitteds!

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Please note I won the above mentioned product in a giveaway. NO monetary compensation was exchanged for this review. I liked the product enough to write a review. All opinions are 100% my own and in no way were influenced by the company. My opinion my differ from others. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Not So Wordless Wednesday - Fun in the Sun

I really like doing Wordless Wednesday's, but sometimes - I have something to say.

Yesterday I took the boys out back to play in the pool. The boys were having so much fun splashing and playing. Graham and James are definite water babies.

I decided to try my manual mode on my Canon Point and Shoot - I think I am getting the hand of it. I found using it in the manual mode gave me a better quality photo.

It's been so hot here in Vancouver - I hate being inside packing so going out yesterday was a nice change.

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