Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Over this past weekend, we got a dumping if snow! (Ok so 4 inches isn't a lot but still... we got snow!) I love Christmas time. I love decorating the Christmas tree, and decorating the house with lights and Christmas-ee stuff! I really am hoping that we have a white Christmas. It would make J's first Christmas special.

We put our tree up on Sunday and got it all decorated! I'm curious to see how long it will take my son to figure out how to pull off the bobbles! We wanted to do a 'real' tree this year, but from our past Christmas' and not taking the tree down until February, yes I said it. February, having real one is a fire hazard in our home!! I put up lights and put out all my decorations. I still want/need some more.

I have bought all my Christmas gifts already. Minus a couple for my parents. I bought ALL my son's gifts from http://www.babysteals.com/. They always have the coolest products and they are always at a great price.

As for my husband’s gift, well he already knows what it is (A San Fran jersey). Every Christmas we know what we are getting each other. It just seems easier than trying to sneak around and hide gifts and wrap them.

This is going to be the best Christmas ever. My little one get's to spend the holidays with both sets of grandparents and even two of his Great Grandma's!! I'm just so excited... and I just can't hide it!!

Time to get some baking done!

Much love

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A New Word!

Ok so I believe my son is behind on 'talking'. He learned to say 'baba' and that's all we have heard from him for two months. 'ba ba bababa'. Well not anymore. Last night while we were getting ready to go over to my parents house for dinner, my son looked at his daddy and just said 'Dada'. We both stopped what we were doing, looked at each other and started laughing! FINALLY!! We've been saying Dad to him for at least a month and nothing, and then just like that.. "Dada".  My husband was smiling from ear to ear. "He said Dada.. did you hear him?"

James (my son) continued to say "baba. dada" for the rest of the night. Even when he went to bed we could hear from the monitor, 'dada dada' and then silence.

My little man will be 10 months old tomorrow (Nov 18) and I am wondering where the time has gone! I am so proud of him. Now to teach him 'mama'

Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm working on it!

Ok so I have a bunch of posts to well post but am a little sidetracked at the moment. I WILL get to them. I hope!